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Free Key Checking

No monthly fees. No minimum balance requirements.


Cross Keys Bank lobbies are now open during regular business hours. Masks or face coverings are required. Thank you for your understanding while we make every effort to ensure the safety of our customers and employees.

  • It has come to our attention that customers are receiving letters in the mail with life insurance or mortgage protection insurance offers from Cross Keys Bk. This is NOT Cross Keys Bank. Solicitation companies are researching public records and targeting customers that have purchased a home. Unfortunately, we have no control over what these companies are doing, but we do make it our mission to protect our customers from fraud. 

  • Scammers are spoofing branch numbers and calling customers claiming to be Falcon Fraud. They then ask customers to verify their PIN and billing address and instruct customers not to utilize their online banking for the next 24 hours. Since the scammers know how Falcon Fraud operates, they instruct customers to reply YES to a "test" text they will receive about fraudulent activity that the scammers have just performed using the PIN and zip code they just acquired, leading our actual Falcon Fraud not to question the transactions. Cross Keys Bank will NEVER call a customer and ask for their PIN number or any other private, identifying information.